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7th Apr, '19

Long-Term Disability Claims

2019-04-08T23:21:02-07:00 April 7th, 2019|Long Term Disability|

You rarely notice the $10 per paycheck that goes to your long-term disability (“LTD”) Insurance – until you need it. Illness and injuries can lead to you being off work for weeks, months, and maybe years. Your LTD insurance is supposed to provide you with 50% or more of your earnings, if you meet the [...]

20th Mar, '19

“Thank you for being so trustworthy.”

2019-03-20T17:31:07-07:00 March 20th, 2019|Testimonials|

"Lisa, Thank you very-very-very-very much. I really scored with an awesome attorney. Thank you for being so trustworthy. Super kudos to Melissa. Wow, she is so good at what she does. Thank you to the receptionists who were always so friendly and knew why I was there. Everybody has been so awesome. Words cannot express [...]

15th Feb, '19

Evidentiary Requirements for Proving Long-Term Disability

2019-03-19T20:55:20-07:00 February 15th, 2019|Long Term Disability|

A long-term disability (LTD) policy covers a part of an employee’s income should they become incapacitated. Some employer’s offer LTD coverage as part of the employee benefits package. You may purchase one yourself if your employer does not offer it. Buying LTD insurance is the easy part. Making a claim, on the other hand, is [...]

8th Feb, '19

Is it Harder to Prove a Social Security Disability Claim Based on a Mental Impairment?

2019-02-18T19:28:13-07:00 February 8th, 2019|Disability, Social Security|

Approximately one-fourth of the total applicants for Social Security Disability list some form of mental disorder as their primary impairment. The majority of the mental impairment claims include anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, and depression. However, such claims are difficult to win if you do not understand how the SSA reviews such claims or know the [...]

1st Feb, '19

Two Important Factors in Determining Your Value as an Employee

2019-02-18T19:25:02-07:00 February 1st, 2019|Workers' Compensation, Workman's Comp|

All companies have some form of metrics set up to help them gauge the performance and engagement of their employees. A few decades back, companies focused on performance management, as they believed that clear objectives, the right strategy and vision, people with skill sets, and alignment toward their goals were the key to creating a [...]

3rd Jan, '19

What to Disclose to Your Social Security Disability Attorney

2019-02-15T17:57:10-07:00 January 3rd, 2019|Blog, Disability, Long Term Disability, Workers' Compensation, Workman's Comp|

If you or a loved one feel that you are entitled to social security disability benefits, it’s important to talk to an attorney with extensive experience in this area of the law before, during, and after the application process. The attorney can help you navigate the application process and help you give you the best [...]

26th Dec, '18

Honest, Ethical, Professional

2018-12-26T17:02:38-07:00 December 26th, 2018|Testimonials|

"When I first met with Alan I was very naive and declined to use him and thought I could get approved myself. 16 months later I came back to him and signed on humbled and desperate too Alan predicted on that first day how my case would go. We went to my hearing and I [...]

9th Dec, '18

5 Star Rating

2019-02-20T22:43:32-07:00 December 9th, 2018|Testimonials|

"Mr. Melkonoff was very honest and he is well educated about disability laws in proving my case,and the staff at the Schiffman Law Office,were very helpful and kind, and I highly recommend this law office, and Attorney Mr. Melkonoff and give them a 5 star rating."