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27th Aug, '18

Information is Key to Locating the Best Workers Compensation Attorneys

2018-09-29T11:43:50-07:00 August 27th, 2018|Accident Attorney, Arizona Attorney, Workers' Compensation, Workman's Comp|

You Should Know Your Rights Most people injured on the job have one priority: get better and back to work. Sadly, for many, this is not possible. Understand your rights and, if necessary, fight for them. Arizona’s workers’ compensation system was adopted to place the burden on business, rather than individuals or society as a [...]

22nd Dec, '17

Car Accident Injuries During the Holidays

2017-12-22T12:44:27-07:00 December 22nd, 2017|Accident Attorney|

While traffic safety is important all year round, it's something that you should focus on even more so during the holidays. Car crashes tend to go up during the holidays for a number of reasons, including that many people end up drinking and driving. It's why the highest number of car accidents happen during Memorial Day. [...]

30th Oct, '17

In the News: Workplace Injury at Factories

2017-10-30T19:42:14-07:00 October 30th, 2017|Accident Attorney, Disability, Long Term Disability, Workers' Compensation, Workman's Comp|

Regulations concerning worker safety have vastly improved working conditions on factory floors since the birth of manufacturing. Still, even now, workers face conditions that can lead to accidents or long-term injuries. Repetitive motion, extreme temperatures, hazardous materials, and heavy machinery all create risk. Recent Complaints About Working Conditions in US Factories A recent law has been [...]

1st May, '17

Truck Accident vs Car Accident Litigation

2017-05-01T12:00:17-07:00 May 1st, 2017|Accident Attorney|

In the event of an auto accident, your first concern is moving your vehicle to safety if possible, and calling emergency responders if necessary. From there, you exchange insurance information, document the scene and wait for the police to arrive to file a report. While these steps are the same between a truck crash and [...]

3rd Mar, '17

What You Need To Know When Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

2017-03-03T10:51:24-07:00 March 3rd, 2017|Accident Attorney|

A personal injury claim comes when you or a loved one has been emotionally or physically injured or killed due to the wrong act of another. In the claim, the injured party seeks compensation for the harm. A number of events lead to claims for personal injury, including:  Injury due to negligence  Professional malpractice  Product [...]

1st Dec, '16

Construction Accidents and Workers’ Comp

2016-12-01T11:44:38-07:00 December 1st, 2016|Accident Attorney, Workers' Compensation|

When working a construction job, you might expect your employer to offer workers' compensation insurance. More often than not, they do, but there are often complications when it comes to claiming workers' comp for construction accidents. Understanding these complications, how to avoid them and what to do should one occur is important. Should you run [...]

14th Apr, '15

Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Explains What to Do After a Job Injury

2015-04-14T19:03:12-07:00 April 14th, 2015|Accident Attorney, Workers' Compensation, Workman's Comp|

If you suffer an injury at work because of an accident caused by the negligence of someone else, Phoenix workers' compensation attorneys may be able to help you secure the compensation you deserve. While the workers' compensation process may seem complicated, there are only three critical steps that you need to follow. 1. Document the [...]

25th Sep, '11

AZ Workman’s Compensation—Things You Just Need to Know

2011-09-25T12:00:45-07:00 September 25th, 2011|Accident Attorney, Arizona Attorney, Workers' Compensation, Workman's Comp|

Have you suffered a serious injury at work? Are you afraid that you are not going to receive the compensation that you require? The following article will give you some basic AZ Workman's Compensation information that you just need to know. Do not handle it on your own Are you one of those hands-on people [...]