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"Lisa, Thank you very-very-very-very much. I really scored with an awesome attorney. Thank you for being so trustworthy. Super kudos to Melissa. Wow, she is so good at what she does. Thank you to the receptionists who were always so friendly and knew why I was there. Everybody has been so awesome. Words cannot express my appreciation." —Sincerely, M.N.

"Attorney Schiffman and his staff were professional and efficient throughout the entire process of settling my case. I would highly recommend Schiffman Law." — Lisa S.

"When I first met with Alan I was very naive and declined to use him and thought I could get approved myself. 16 months later I came back to him and signed on humbled and desperate too Alan predicted on that first day how my case would go. We went to my hearing and I can honestly say that immediately after walking out of the hearing Alan looked at me and I was getting approved. Since then Alan has gotten several family and friends approved. He is honest, ethical, professional and exceptional at what he does. His staff follows his lead. Thank you Alan."

"Mr. Melkonoff was very honest and he is well educated about disability laws in proving my case,and the staff at the Schiffman Law Office,were very helpful and kind, and I highly recommend this law office, and Attorney Mr. Melkonoff and give them a 5 star rating."

"After losing my disability case with an attorney who told me 'you're 59 just wait til you're 62 and collect SS.' That was the response my former attorney gave me after we lost.. I fired him and Hired Anna Schiffman of Schiffman Law.. From the very first contact I knew I was in good hands, because they took the time to listen to me.. And it wasn't a staff associate that spoke with me, it was the actual attorney herself.. She took the time to really understand my case. I wasn't treated like a case file in some large firm.. It was personal.. Anna kept me up to date every step of the way, I was never wondering what was going on. After being in the system for 5 years Anna and her team led me to a successful fully favorable decision.. Not only did she get me a fully favorable decision, she was able to reopen the previous denial so I am getting back pay from my first application.. This team of professionals know what they are doing, and really do care about you and your case.. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a disability attorney. Regards, Rosemary"

"Anna Schiffman gave me peace of mind which was priceless. I had been working in the semiconductor industry since 1978. Once my condition rendered me unable to efficiently complete my daily tasks, I was so stressed. After my very first meeting with Anna, my stress level decreased significantly. She was so knowledgable and understanding of my situation. Anna was very professional and she and her team kept me informed every step of the way. They were always available to answer my questions and address my concerns. Anna made this process worry free for me. She made no guarantees, however I knew she would fight for my rights if my case came to that. Thank you Anna!"

"The experience I had with Schiffman Law Office with regards to my disability case was outstanding! I was new to the whole process and had no idea what was involved or how to proceed. They explained everything fully to me and stayed on top of everything even when I had dropped the ball at one point. I was extremely happy to have them working for me because I felt very secure that whatever the outcome was going to be, that no one else could have done more or represented me better than Alan Schiffman and everyone who works with him at the office. I would, and have, recommend him if anyone ever needs any sort of legal advice or assistance because they will never steer you wrong and will do the best job possible for you!!! Thanks again to Alan Schiffman and everyone at Schiffman Law Offices for all you've done for me!"

"I would like to thank Mrs. Anna Schiffman and her law office for helping my husband on his disability case. She was very nice and always very clear with all of our questions. Every time I contacted her by email or phone she was always there to answer my concerns. Thank you for everything and God bless you all!"

"After sustaining a traumatic back injury I was no longer able to work as a clinic nurse and was left with an accute disability. I contacted Anna Schiffman, who together with her capable staff evaluated my situation and quickly met in person with my husband and me. Anna was extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and professional. She worked with us closely every step of the way through my initial application for SSDI, my preliminary denial, and appeal. She coordinated the collection of relevent medical supporting records, and dealt with both the state and federal agencies exclusively. Her persistence, expertise and understanding of the law lead us to prevail in our claim with a fair and successful outcome. I would suggest that anyone in Arizona needing help with obtaining SSDI for which they are eligible, contact Anna and the Schiffman Law Firm."

"Overall, Anna Schiffman was great. She was able to take the scattered mess of paperwork that I had in many different grocery bags (the paperwork I managed to get to her) and make something of it. Some of it was printed, scanned, from a picture on my phone, mixed in with old medical bills from the last decade of my issues. Anna was quick to respond to any messages or calls of mine in detail or have someone else respond right away if she was not available to do so herself. Hiring her and her law firm was hands down the best decision I made during this entire process. The stress and weight it took off of my shoulders alone was well worth everything. If I had to do it all over again, the only thing I'd do differently is hire her from the get-go instead of waiting until I was denied the first time around."

"Through every step of my disability application process everyone I dealt with at this office was kind, professional, and helpful. I have not had a single bad interaction. It's obvious that they are here to help. They explained in details what I could do to help my case, and I know I would absolutely not gotten approved for disability without the help of Mr. Schiffman and all the support staff. They were even patient with me considering it takes time for me to be able to handle my business. I could contact through email instead of calling, which was a godsend. They make the process straightforward, and it super obvious that Mr. Schiffman has the expertise in this field. I am so glad I put my trust in him\/them."

"Everyone who works with this law office is kind, professional, and helpful. They helped me so much! Even if I had not gotten a favorable decision, I would still know that they did everything they could for me. This included having patience with me when I was feeling ill, and encouraging me to not stress out about the process. They made sure I could present my case fully and Mr. Schffman was fantastic. If you are looking for help with disability, you will not be disappointed in their performance."

"Anna and Leslie were both very professional, organized, always provided prompt responses by email and detailed answers to our many questions. Anna was always very patient and understanding with my husband and his disabilities. We are extremely pleased with the outcome. I would give Anna and her team 10 stars if I could!"

I have been fighting for SSD benefits for 5 years and had multiple denials through another attorney. I was fortunate enough to get an appointment with Alan right away. When I went for my appointment, I actually met with both Alan and Anna! They agreed not only to take my case to the federal court, but also to file a new claim as things continue to decline with my condition. I recently found out that we won our federal case and I couldn't be happier! It's been a long road since the beginning of all this and I only wish that I had known about this team of experts at Schiffman Law from the beginning! I highly recommend Alan, Anna and their entire team! Their prompt responses and understanding of all has truly saved me! Thank you!

Lisa has always been very straightforward with me. She took my case without hesitation. She and her Paralegal, Michell,e have always been prompt in communication. The fact that she won my case and reinstated my payments from the insurance company was a result beyond my expectations.

"Great team." — Alicia F.

"I hired Anna and her team at Schiffman Law Office for my social security disability case and I could not have been happier with that decision. Anna was extremely knowledgeable, kind, ethical, and professional--really everything I could have asked for. I felt she presented my case very well before the judge and I could tell she had the respect of the judge as well. Throughout the process, she and her team went above and beyond in providing information for me to make informed decisions about my case. I was especially appreciative too in that for a disability process that can be stressful at times, she always had a gentleness about her that put me at ease from the start. I would eagerly recommend her to anyone needing a lawyer in her areas of law."

"Anna was wonderful in helping us win the case for my daughter. We appreciate all her hard work for over the last two years. It has been a long and arduous process. We have already recommended her to a friend and will continue to do so."

I highly recommend Mr Schiffman. He was immensely helpful proving my disability case. Mr Schiffman is extremely knowledgeable in this field. He is very easy to talk to. His office responds quickly to any inquiries you may have. They keep you apprised every step of the way.

Mr. Schiffman and his staff are very caring, diligent and really treat you like family. We highly recommend them to anyone needing legal help as they will not stop until they win your case. They are a God send.

Our experience with Schiffman Law Office was highly positive. From the first visit with our attorney Anna, to our last communication today, we couldn't have asked for better representation. Whether it was a face to face visit, a phone conversation or an email we were treated with respect. Anna and paralegal Leslie were professional, friendly and we always knew they had our best interest at heart. Thank you so much for helping us through my Social Security case. I highly recommend the Schiffman Law Office to anyone seeking honest, professional representation.

They were patient, thorough, and extremely helpful, I could not be happier with the outcome or the service that I received. If 6 stars were available, I would have rated them that highly!

I had a great experience with Schiffman Law Office. They helped me with Social Security case, Mr. Schiffman and Leslie Winkler were handling my case, they both are very honest, knowledgeable and professional people. I would recommend everyone to trust them for their cases.

Definitely a high integrity lawyer in my brief experience with them.

"After researching for a disability lawyer, I found Anna Schiffman had excellent reviews. It was after careful consideration, I made the decision to hire Ms Anna Schiffman to represent me. Our initial consultation was on time and went smoothly. I felt very comfortable and confident that she could represent my case. I was continually updated as to the progress of my case and I was well informed with every step in the process. I received returned calling in a timely fashion. I am grateful to say that after a relatively short period of time of less than four months I was notified of a favor outcome of my SSDI. In closing, I honesty would like to extend my sincere gratitude and highly recommend her service."

I first spoke with Chris. He was great. He immediately got me scheduled with Anna. I met with Anna Schiffman on a mentally/physically challenging day but she was wonderful, kind & didn't overwhelm me. Thru the entire process, I was in and out of hospitals & often unreachable & couldn't speak due to my seizures and/or meds. Anna & her paralegal Leslie were persistent, yet patient & didn't give up on me & worked so hard to get my SS in and approved. I'm more than grateful! They were truly amazing!

"This review is long overdue and Anna deserves more than just a review. I just love Anna! As well as her paralegal Leslie, as both were involved with helping me. I was going through so much when I first met with Anna but she was incredibly calming and understanding. I was so sick throughout the entire process of applying for Social Security. Half the time I was either in the hospital or having seizures and couldn't speak. Im sure it had to be challenging for Anna and her team. They were trying to help me get all the necessary information in, meet the deadlines, and do their job to carry out and complete the process. I think any other lawyer or firm would have given up. Anna was persistent, patient, understanding and just kept working until it was done and I was approved. Without her and her team, I would not have been able to do it. Anna is smart, a fighter and she doesn't give up. The best kind. So grateful. Thank you!"

I had a very caring, kind and giving attorney. I was in a three year battle with social security and on my third appeal when free legal aid found this law practice for me. Free legal Aid originally had taken my case and became overloaded with their caseload. Nina an attorney at free legal aid understood my case and found Anna Schiffman to jump in and help. I had a very involved case and she put hours into it. I finally won and am getting the help l need.

Lisa Counters is the best attorney I have ever encountered. Lisa helped to successfully resolve the issues with our health insurance company, enabling my husband to receive the medical care he so desperately needed for sleep apnea & obtain payment and reimbursement. Thanks to Lisa's help, my husband is enjoying a much healthier & happier quality of life. Lisa is a brilliant strategist, highly knowledgeable, extremely hard-working, and most importantly of all, Lisa cares deeply about people and helping them to resolve their legal issues successfully.

After 40 years of dealing with attorneys, Lisa is, by far, the most competent, honest, focused attorney I have retained. She is fair but direct and is your advocate throughout the process. Many attorneys will tell you that your case is their number one priority only to be disappointed by the absence of representation and lack of understanding your needs. With Lisa, you are not just another file on her desk but a priority. Hire Lisa and it's handled...don't...and I wish you well because you'll be disappointed. Great attorney!

Of all of the professionals we have dealt with in the past Lisa Counters has been the best. She is a truly incredible attorney. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable and informative, she really cares about her clients and it shows. She is tough and strong where required and has empathy and understanding when needed. We cannot say enough, she has helped us during the most difficult and trying times in our lives.

Lisa Counters represented me with my disability benefit claim on my private disability insurance company and with my Social Security Disability Benefits claim. Lisa was with me from the start of my disability claim application providing knowledgeable advise, assistance with the many forms, and real answers to my many questions. The disability benefit claim process is intimidating and confusing. I could not have completed the disability claims process without Lisa's insight, expertise and aggressive work ethic. Lisa Counters was able to secure disability benefit awards for me from both my private disability insurance company and from the Social Security Administration. The disability benefit awards have improved the quality of my life. Before my disability, I was a businessman for over 30 years. I worked with many lawyers and law firms on a variety of matters. Based on experience, I can truly say that Lisa Counters and The Counters Firm provides excellent legal representation and remarkable service to clients like me with disability benefit claims.

Lisa Counters is a very good lawyer and better yet a great person. She works to not only understand your wants and needs but explains the legal aspect of your case in simple English and then goes out of her way to insure your case is settled promptly and professionally.

Lisa is the ideal attorney- she is practical, knows the law extremely well, and works within your parameters financially. We had a buyout of a partner and there of course were some misinterpretation because he didnt want to use a lawyer. After being kind enough not to laugh at us and say I told you to use an attorney, she guided us thru everything and responded promptly and handled the matter beautifully

Lisa Counters successfully resolved my disability claim. She was always quick to respond to my concerns or questions. I am very grateful for her expertise in obtaining my benefits. I was fortunate to have Lisa on my side!

This experience with Schiffman Law Offices was superb. Not knowing anything about Social Security Disability, Anna guided us in the most professional manner and helped us get a favorable award. I would definitely refer this law firm to anyone needing assistance.

I was very nervous about making a SS disability claim as I had heard horror stories about the process but Anna put my mind at ease and I am very glad I hired her and this firm. They made the entire process and costs clear to me and always made me feel like a valued client.

Testimonial for Anna Schiffman No one is exempt from the challenges life can present you, when you find yourself suddenly disabled. To find the excellence that Schiffman Law Firm has to offer in my time of need was a blessing I instantly recognized. From my first interactions and every thing there after with both Alan and Anna Schiffman (both lawyers) I felt a sense of relief. To know that there are lawyers out there with a humanitarian style and passion for justice.

Alan Schiffman has a passion for justice. When my disability case was disapproved, he and Anna Schiffman (also a lawyer) spent many, many hours researching precedents to present to the Appeals court. In addition, Alan was able to refer me to doctors who were willing to examine me to confirm that I was disabled. And when my case was sent to the Appeals court and we learned that it would not even be looked at for well over a year, Alan’s assistant, Janet, told me who to contact in order to get the appeal expedited. If ever I need a lawyer again, I will call Schiffman Law Office. They’re people you can trust–totally.

I seriously can NOT thank you both and the staff at your firm for doing what you do! People like me who are in an unfortunate situation like mine & have never faced anything like this, NEED a strong advocate in their corner helping & fighting for them. I don’t know what I would do without people like you in my life who are doing all they can to help make my life a little better. I just want to make sure you know how much I personally appreciate & THANK YOU for all your hard work, advice, wisdom, encouragement and advocacy for me.

Seeking legal services for a workers comp injury I found Schiffman Law firm. I am very happy with the quick response and help that I received from Mr. Schiffman’s firm as well as great case preparation. The staff kept me well informed on all issues pertaining to my case status and any changes made. I am very happy with the choice I made in hiring the Schiffman Law firm to handle my injury case. Thank you

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the help these last 2.5 years to finally get this through. The medical evaluation was an excellent piece of documentation. Again, thanks to you and your staff. I truly appreciate your assistance and could not have done it without your help. Sincerely

When the Arizona State Retirement System Long Term Disability people denied my claim, I called a lawyer friend of mine and asked for his advice. He recommended the Law Office of Alan Schiffman. From the very first meeting and through out my case, Alan and his team went out of their way to make me feel as comfortable as possible both physically and emotionally. During my case, Alan and his team answered all of my questions and kept me up to date on all of the various twists and turns that my case threw at them. Now, not only do I have my ASRS LTD claim resolved to my satisfaction but I also have my Social Security Disability claim resolved as well. These folks are not only friendly, funny and fantastic individuals, they are also consummate professionals. I cannot stress enough how highly I recommend the Schiffman Law Office to anyone that might need their services. Thank You Alan, Janet and the rest of the Schiffman Team for doing such an outstanding job!. Thank you

I just want to thank you and your wonderful staff for your diligent and hard work on my behalf. Anytime I have walked in your office, I have felt very welcomed and everyone along with yourself is so personable, so kind and considerate, with this nightmare that I have been through you have made it very easy for me to cope with this because of your support and hard work. I feel that I was very grateful to have been referred to you and your office, and just wanted to say Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to you, Michael, Aide and your receptionist. God bless you

Hi Alan, Brilliant! I am SO incredibly lucky to have you and your formidable team on my side. Your dissemination of my medical record is illuminating: I recall the physical misery endured through a haze of morphine and feeling confused and alone in dealing with my disability case. My priority at that time was in caring for my young daughter; my subsequent economic downfall was due to my inability to handle my (financial) affairs properly, paired with a lack of positive response from my family. I was pretty much on my own, and my world was falling apart. As I read through your brief, I realize that my treatment throughout the court situation wasn’t only unfortunate (as I needed stable representation), it was truly outrageous, supported by evidence and somehow centered on discrediting me personally for the purpose of not paying out disability monies. I am beyond feeling anger, but it does sadden me that I am certainly not the only disabled individual that has been treated so badly in the system. In my experience, chronic pain required most of my energy to simply endure; pain medication can lead to cognitive impairment and an inability to respond that can be easily misconstrued in such a way as to vilify and even discredit the individual. Thank-you so much for believing in and taking a chance on me and advocating on my behalf, as well as potentially setting a precedence to aid other future victims of the system. You definitely didn’t have to take my case, and I recall being an emotional mess during our interviews, but you accepted. I am truly indebted to you and I am so thankful. At this time, I am happy to tell you that I am totally off morphine and am moving forward in my plans to apply to graduate school for next fall as well as beginning to look for employment, after just completing a full time and a half school semester at xxx that ended in late October. I look forward to resolving the last bit of my SS case and putting it behind me. I am really amazed to see the synopsis of my case presented in print with such a high level of excellence; it means a lot to me personally and I feel vindicated whether we win or lose in court. You and your office are going on my list of what to be so thankful for this holiday season. Hope that you all have a terrific Thanksgiving!

As a young disabled combat Veteran you get turned away many times. Anna Schiffman and her team went above and beyond. They always kept me informed and looked past my disabilities and age. They took my case and within months I was approved and found fully favorable without stepping in a court room. Their dedication to their client is astonishing. Anna was always keeping me informed and a call away. Email communication was also great! It is very unlikely to have an Attorney be hands on and engaged with their client but she goes out of her way to reach out with her busy schedule. I cannot thank her enough for everything she did for me. I provided everything they asked for and they kept sending it forward. She is a great attorney who truly cares for their client. Thank you Anna! From Jay and Kiera (Service Dog)

I am writing to thank Mr. Alan Schiffman for his hard work. His compassion and kindness, at such a scary and uncertain time in my life is greatly appreciated. I felt I had little hope in getting my disability claim approved. Mr. Alan and his associates were so much helpful. Over 25 years ago, my mother’s disability was turned down. Mr. Alan accepted her case & helped her through it, with the same expertise I was to experience. We are both so grateful to him! We recommend anyone needing help, to put yourself in these capable hands.

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