A personal injury claim comes when you or a loved one has been emotionally or physically injured or killed due to the wrong act of another. In the claim, the injured party seeks compensation for the harm.

A number of events lead to claims for personal injury, including:

Who pays for the lost time, medical bills and injuries?

According to personal injury law, the party whose carelessness led to injury is responsible for paying for the injury, lost wages, discomfort and pain from the accident. Every medical expense is calculated and the claim submitted. However, scarring, pain, physical limitations, and emotional harm are compensated on the basis of fair and reasonable amount depending on the extent of the injury.

Who is the party at fault?

The party that pays for the injury depends on who was at fault and the extent they were at fault. Most of the time, the blame is shared among different parties and individuals. Each of the parties pays depends on the percentage of fault each is allocated.

What is wrongful death?

According to Arizona’s personal injury law, if anyone dies due to the carelessness of the other party, close family members such as parents, the spouse and natural children of the deceased can sue for compensation. They may seek payment due to loss of support, companionship, guidance and emotional security.

Hire a lawyer

Hire a personal injury lawyer when making a claim for any of the areas above. The attorney negotiates with the insurance company on your behalf and helps you understand your rights.