Workers’ comp in Arizona is an option for a worker who suffers any type of injury related to his or her job. Unlike when a person is injured and wants to make a personal injury claim for damages, there is no need for any negligence to have caused a work-injury in order for the injury to be covered under the workers’ compensation law. In fact, workers’ comp in Arizona provides broad protection for many accidents even if the  worker’s own actions contributed to the the injury, such as when the worker was being careless or negligent in some way.

Workers' comp in Arizona - Work injury Claim formWorkers’ comp not only covers workers in instances where their employer was not negligent, but it also provides coverage for any injuries or illnesses that arise out of any work duties, even if the injury did not occur at the place where the injured worker normally works. For example, a worker sent out on an errand who gets into an auto accident could potentially make a workers’ comp claim.

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